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Volunteer Opportunities at Highland-Clarksburg Hospital

At Highland Clarksburg Hospital we strive to provide the highest quality mental and behavioral health care services while maintaining an active part of in our community. Our goals and expectations are high, and with the support of our volunteers, and the services they provide, the hospital is able to achieve the highest standards.

Our volunteers are essential in assisting with the efficiency of the day-to-day operations of Highland-Clarksburg Hospital. The staff of the hospital extend appreciation for all the work that the volunteers accomplish.

Volunteer opportunities are designed to assist the facility in providing care and serving the community. These services create a positive atmosphere and support various areas of our hospital with projects. Below are just some of the areas where volunteers can make a difference:     

Clothing Closet

One of the biggest projects, where volunteers are needed, is the Clothing Closet Program. This project helps to ensure that every patient has the basic items that are needed while at the facility. With ongoing support and donations from staff and community members, volunteers are able to coordinate, sort and plan in order to meet patient’s needs.

This project includes sorting, washing, folding, and tracking clothing items for the patients. Volunteers may also assist with taking donations, that are not able to be used, to local facilities to ensure all donations are being utilized within our community.

Marketing and Fundraising

Volunteers will assist with planned projects and events. Each project and event will have various opportunities for volunteering. This may include; making phone calls, tracking donations, helping to set up and tear down events, etc. When assigned in this area, volunteers may work with the public and engage in the event planning stages.


Volunteers in this department will have direct interaction with the patients. Opportunities may exist in helping with literacy by reading to our patients, assisting with music therapy, arts and crafts, or recreation. This area makes an impact on the programming that is provided to the patients.


Volunteers will be assisting dietary staff to ensure that meals and snacks are prepared and fulfilled throughout the day. Tasks include putting away stock, inventory counts, pulling stock, food preparation, organization and cleaning.


In this department, volunteers will be working in various areas to support functions throughout the facility. Tasks may include; answering phones, answering basic questions from visitors and staff, assisting with basic accommodations (such as wheelchairs), assisting with creating packets and stuffing envelopes, and filing paperwork.

If you or your group/organization and are interested in any of the volunteer opportunities at Highland-Clarksburg Hospital, please contact Kathy Burr at 304-969-3102 or email

Volunteer Application Form

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