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The Admissions team at Highland-Clarksburg Hospital assesses prospective patients to determine whether they meet the criteria for inpatient hospitalization. After careful assessment of the patient, our admissions team makes recommendations and provides resources for patients that do not meet inpatient criteria.

 General Admissions Criteria

  • No therapeutic response to mental health or substance use/abuse outpatient treatment

  • Need for close observation and medication adjustments

  • Severely impaired social and family functioning related to mental illness

  • Acute behavioral problems that are unmanageable

  • Severe behavioral, emotional and physical impairment due to substance abuse

We take admissions 24 hours a day. 7 days a week, upon bed-availability.

For more information, please call 304-969-3100.

Highland-Clarksburg Hospital welcomes and serves patients equally, without regard to race, orientation or national origin.

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